The way you calculate that ass when it moves side to side.

The beautiful faces
Of my black people
Are a parade
Of molasses in bloom

And when
They pass before me
Their blackness
Cheers my heart

The beautiful faces
Of my dark race
Are made of weeping
Pain and suffering

They are the truth
That life challenges
But they carry within
So much love

Susana Baca - Caras Lindas

Sunday Shout-out: Afro-Peruvian

Listen here.

One of my favourite singers. I recommend ALL her music. She sings with pride, love and immense passion.

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Tower Of Power So Very Hard To Go (Soul Train)


NAS - The message / street dreams / If I ruled the world (live Dour Musi…

DOUR !!!


RAEKWON - C. R. E. A. M - Festival de Dour 2014

On me voit haha !

Every Brazilian, even the light skinned fair haired one carries about him on his soul, when not on soul and body alike, the shadow or at least the birthmark of the aborigine or the negro, in our affections, our excessive mimicry, our Catholicism which so delights the senses, our music, our gait, our speech, our cradle songs, in everything that is a sincere expression of our lives, we almost all of us bear the mark of that influence.
Gilberto Freyre, “The Masters and the Slaves” (via ancient-kemetic-kushite)